Trees may require removal for numerous reasons. If a tree’s health is in jeopardy, the tree could become dangerous to your home, property, cars, or pedestrians. Trees could have fallen or been damaged by storms. Another possibility is that it’s diseased or simply because it’s in the way or over crowding other trees or plants. At Paulo’s Landscaping and Tree Removal, we are capable of removing trees of all sizes and scope and to we have the machinery and expertise to ensure your tree removal in West Haven is performed safely and correctly.

Paulo Landscaping and Tree Services is based in Orange, CT and services the following and surrounding towns of East Haven, West Haven, New Haven, Branford, Guilford, Stratford, Milford, Bridgeport, Fairfield and beyond! We utilize a variety of modern equipment and machinery, as well bucket trucks and experienced tree climbers and selectively remove branches of the tree that could potentially pose a danger to your property. Many homeowners are hesitant to remove a tree from their property, but in many instances, it is a necessary project. Some of the most popular reasons for West Haven tree removal include the following:

  • A tree is diseased and in the process of dying.
  • Dangerous or hazardous trees, which could potentially pose risk to the inhabitants of your home or business.
  • Trees that have been incorrectly planted to close together.
  • Trees growing too close to your home or power lines.
  • Trees that have been received damaged by heavy winds and weather patterns.

Our Tree Service professionals are able to utilize our extensive expertise and knowledge to make your tree and stump removal process as fast and easy as possible, all while enhancing the in appearance for your landscape. If you are seeking Commercial Janitorial Services in San Diego, CA we recommend Allstar Commercial Cleaning. We have built a reputation for being the Best West Haven Tree Removal Company Near Me. Not only can you expect professional tree and stump removal at affordable pricing, but the majority of cases, you will save time and money, compared to trying to remove the tree or stump yourself, particularly if you do not possess the experience and machinery to properly do so. Are you seeking the Best Tree Removal Company in West Haven, CT? Contact us today at (203) 589-2839 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!